Oct 05, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Well Meagher racing is finally up and going, the first six weeks at Eagle Farm have seen us working extremely hard around the stables to have the horses looking in great shape and working efficiently. Many thanks to the BRC, mainly Stephen Ferguson, Bill Shuck and their teams, all of whom have been extremely supportive and accommodating. Also thanks to the other trainers at the track, especially Rob Heathcote and Tony Gollan for all of their advice and support, as we learnt in Singapore you can’t beat local knowledge. There is good camaraderie between the trainers here which is very refreshing.

Quite a bit of time has also been spent on getting the horses settled in, working out each horse's dietary requirements and then applying the best feed mixes, getting used to the training tracks and mapping optimum work programmes.

This has all culminated in us finally having out first trial runner, Monte Bella. She was a recent Mooney Valley winner and we are looking forward to her having her first start for us in the not too distant future. It was great to get back into it again, especially after having a short time away from it after coming back from Singapore.

Presently we have 16 horses in work, most of which are two-year-olds. As such we are expanding our numbers over the coming months, but, as we all know everything takes time. We remember arriving in Singapore in 1999 with only one horse and by end of the first six months we had 30 and it then grew to 60, so patience is a virtue, especially in this industry. We believe that our optimum capacity will be 40-45 horses in training at any one time. While appreciating getting to this stage may be a slow process, as we are new to Queensland racing, we believe that what we offer is a great product with personalised service and attention to detail. We also believe in expanding our numbers at a slow rate, thus enabling us to achieve our training goals and provide an exceptional service to all owners.

Last but by no means least, a very special thanks to all our owners. Without your support and patience none of what we have achieved so far would have been possible.

We are all excited about finally being up and running and are really looking forward to having our first runner in Queensland.

All The Best,
                           John, Chris & Dan Meagher.